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Micropack KM-238W Antibacterial Keyboard & Mouse Wireless Combo
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Micropack KM- 238W Antibacterial Keyboard & Mouse Wireless Combo  The Micropack KM- 238W is a99.9 effective antibacterial and long- lasting antibacterial wireless keyboard and mouse quintet. This set includesX-Structure Key Technology. It's affable to use for extended ages, and it has a silent mouse. The KM- 238W quintet supports2.4 G, Bluetooth3.0, and Bluetooth5.0multi-mode connectivity. The Integrated Cradle supports your phone or tablet at the ideal angle for reading while codifying. This mouse is small and movable , making it easy to transport. It also has aMulti-media hot- key for quick access. The Micropack KM- 238W Keyboard & Mouse Wireless Combo come with a 02- times bond. ..
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