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Fantech MV-01 3.5mm Lavalier Microphone
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Fantech MV- 013.5 mm Lavalier Microphone  The Fantech MV- 013.5 mm Lavalier Microphone is an Omni- Directional microphone used to record demitasse clear audio sound. The MV- 01 has mic perceptivity of-42-3 db with an impedance position of2.2 Ohms. The microphone has a frequence range of 65Hz- 18kHz which allows it ot record indeed the fewest of sound and provides the clearest track with a noise reduction position of> 55db. This microphone has a cord length of 3 measures with an interface of3.5 mm jack and weighs in at only 23 grams.   The Fantech MV- 013.5 mm Lavalier Microphone has 1 Time of Warranty. ..
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Fantech Leviosa LIVE MCX02 Professional Smart Microphone
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Fantech Leviosa LIVE MCX02 Professional Smart Microphone  The Fantech Leviosa LIVE MCX02 is a Smart All- in- One Studio Solution. The MCX02 doesn†™ t have a battery. It's fully powered by your phone, a true plant on the- go with USB-C. It's designed with an malleable mount. Easy to use and set up, make your videotape broadcasting indeed more accessible. It's fluently fine- tuned and adjusts any setting by using the buttons and telephone. Truly reach your followership in a much more important way than traditional setups. Whether you†™ re streaming at home, or on your go with USB- C compatible bias, Leviosa Live MCX02 is all the power you need in a microphone. The Fantech Leviosa LIVE MCX02 comes with a 1- time bond. ..
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