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Zyxel NBG-418N V2 300 Mbps Wireless Router
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  • Model: Zyxel NBG-418N V2
  • Stable, reliable wireless connectivity
  • Transmit: 300 Mbps
  • Compliant with 802.11n
  • Two Omni 5 dBi antennas
  • 1,399৳ 1,500৳
    Zyxel WAH7601 4G LTE Portable Router
    save 200 ৳
    • MPN: WAH7601-EUZNV1F
    • Model: Zyxel WAH7601
    • High plug-and-play mobility
    • Supporting 802.11n WiFi technology
    • Allows up to 10 simultaneous WiFi clients
    • Include the TDD band 38 and 40
    5,800৳ 6,000৳
    Zyxel NBG6615 AC1200 MU-MIMO Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router
    save 100 ৳
    • MPN: NBG6615-EU0101F
    • Model: Zyxel NBG6615
    • High performance wireless router
    • Wireless Security: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    • 802.11ac Wave 2 technology
    • 4-port Gigabit Ethernet
    3,600৳ 3,700৳
    Zyxel WSR30 Multy U AC2100 Tri-Band WiFi System
    Zyxel WSR30 Multy U AC2100 Tri-Band WiFi SystemThe Zyxel WSR30 Multy U may be a stylish WiFi system, embracing the sweetness of sunshine into a number one technology product. it's design to be fresh and youthful catering to those that need the additional flair in their digital lives. Multy U invites you to place the device in view while supplying you with a top of the road Wi-Fi experience. This Multy U adds a touch of personality to your home network lifestyle. The aesthetic great thing about rounded corners design and X-shaped breathing light fuses together perfectly to realize a remarkably seamless style. This new Zyxel Multy U Tri-Band WiFi System comes with Intelligent Tri-band mesh WiFi network, Seamless room-to-room roaming of up to six ,000 sq feet, Easy to put in and manage with Multy app, Verify the status by breathing LED. The effect of breathing LED may be a periodic color fashion that's unique amongst WiFi System. you'll check the system’s status during operation at a look with its light indicator. The exclusive Zyxel WSR30 Multy U AC2100 Tri-Band WiFi System has 01 year of warranty...
    Zyxel P-661HNU-F1 300Mbps ADSL2+ Wireless Router
    -100 % Discountinued
    • MPN: 91-004-959018B
    • Model: Zyxel P-661HNU-F1 300Mbps ADSL2+
    • Advanced security: SPI Firewall and IPSec VPN
    • 802.11n AP function built-in (2x2)
    • Secure WLAN establishment
    • Standard based WPS for easy
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    Zyxel P-660HN-T1A 150Mbps ADSL2+ Wireless Gateway
    Out Of Stock
    Zyxel P-660HN-T1A 150Mbps ADSL2+ Wireless GatewayZyxel P-660HN-T1A 150Mbps ADSL2+ Wireless Gateway comes with 802.11n Technology provides the last word solution for speed and coverage with rate up to 150 Mbps, the P-660N/HN-TxA Series provides stable and reliable wireless connections for high-speed data and multimedia delivery. It also eliminates deadzones and extends coverage by using IEEE 802.11n technology and is backward compatible with any IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi certified device. This new Zyxel P-660HN-T1A Wireless Gateway featured with WPS (Wi-Fi Protection Setup). Here, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) may be a standard for straightforward and secure establishment of wireless networks. during this Gateway the WPS, the device will automatically configure a wireless network with a network name (SSID), strong WPA encoding and authentication. WPS makes the configuration of secure personal wireless networks as simple as pushing a button or entering a private number (PIN) code. This device has Robust SPI Firewall Security which works on the network layer by examining header and footer of a packet, and it also ensures the packet belongs to a legitimate session. supported Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS features, the P-660N/HN-TxA Series provides the first-line defense against hackers, network intruders and other harmful threats. This Wireless Gateway support Quality of Service (QoS). This increases network efficiency and productivity to enable service that providers to bring real multi-play into the lifestyle of residential users. This new ADSL2+ Wireless Gateway comes with TR-069 standard management specifications, service providers are ready to manage and configure client devices remotely without manual intervention from end users. This unique feature not only offers true “plug-and-play” experience but also reduces the complexity of deployment, and thus saves operating and maintenance costs for service providers. The ADSL2+ Wireless Gateway has 01 year warranty...
    Zyxel NBG 6503 750Mbps Dual-Band AC750 Wireless Router
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    Zyxel NBG 6503 750Mbps Dual-Band AC750 Wireless RouterThe home router provides faster, more stable wireless connections for home networks with data transfer rates of up to 750 Mb/s over concurrent dual bands. The mobile devices can support AC protocol at 5 GHz bandwidth for smooth video streaming. additionally , the 2.4 GHz bandwidth with data transfer rates of up to 300 Mb/s optimizes web browsing and file transfers for simultaneous access from a mobile, laptop, and desktop devices. This router offers a user-friendly interface, including an "Easy Mode" for navigating functions, basic setup, and system configuration. The router's Quality of Service (QoS) feature provides prioritization of bandwidth usage for top HD video streaming, gaming, and web browsing. This router can detect the length of connected Ethernet cables and adjust power usage accordingly. The shorter the coaxial cable length is, the less power it consumes. Easy to regulate the output power to scale back interference with neighboring access points within high wireless density areas. Smartly adjusts power consumption by detecting the link status and therefore the length of connected Ethernet cables. When the router detects no active data transmission, the device automatically enters the power-saving mode to avoid energy wastage..
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