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  • MPN: CP-9020217-AU
  • Model: CX650F
  • Dazzling Lighting, Intelligently Controlled
  • CX-F features for Reduce Noise
  • ATX12V v2.4, Fan size: 120mm
  • PCIe Connector: 4, SATA: 7
Ex Tax:8,850৳

MPN: CP-9020216-AU

Model: CX550F

Brilliant Lighting, Intelligently Controlled

iCUE RGB Lighting Controller

120mm RGB Fan, Fully Modular

550 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified

Ex Tax:6,000৳
  • MPN: CP-9020120-NA
  • Model: CX450 450 Watt 80 PLUS Bronze Certified
  • Fan bearing technology: Rifle Bearing
  • 80 PLUS Efficiency: Bronze
  • Continuous output rated temperature C: 40°C
  • Connector: EPS12V x 1, PCIe x 1, SATA x 4
Ex Tax:3,800৳
  • Model: CV650 80 Plus Bronze Certified
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified
  • up to 88% efficiency, Compact design
  • Continuous, Reliable Output
  • Low-noise Operation, Stealth Mode
Ex Tax:5,700৳

Freebooter CV550 550Watt 80 Plus Citation Certified Power Supply 

 Corsair CV550 550Watt 80 Plus Citation Pukka PSU is effectiveness guaranteed to continuously deliver full wattage to your system. This CV series PSU is 80 PLUS Citation certified, furnishing up to 88 effectiveness for lower heat and lower energy costs and also it deliver nonstop power at full capacity, no matter which wattage. This CV series is also featured with 1 ATX Connector, ATX12V Version v2.31, 30 °C Nonstop affair rated temperature C, Sleeve Addict bearing technology, 120 mm Addict size, hours MTBF hours, ATX PSU Form Factor, v2.92 EPS12V Interpretation, 1 Floppy Connector, 2 PCIe Connector and 7 SATA Connector. A 120 mm thermally controlled low- noise cooling addict only spins at high speed. This Series PSU enclosures are only 125 mm long, icing an easy fit in nearly all ultramodern PC cases. Then, the Black sleeved lines and a black greasepaint- carpeted covering seamlessly. This rearmost Freebooter CV550 comes with 05 times of bond. 

Ex Tax:4,700৳

Model: Corsair CV450

80 PLUS Bronze certified

88% Ultra-Efficient, Compact design

Continuous, Reliable Output

Low-noise Operation, Stealth Mode

Ex Tax:3,600৳
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