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Experience The Unique Sensations While Playing With AULA Headphones On Your cognizance That Have Been Especially Designed For Players. High- Quality Sound And Effective Noise insulation Give You The Feeling Of Being On The Battleground. The erected- In Microphone Allows You To Communicate With The Team And Concertedly apply Indeed The Most delicate Game Strategies. The Headphones Are Made Of Durable Material Ideal For Everyday Use. ..
AULA S603 Surround Sound Wired Gaming Headset
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When a naive youthful Dorian Gray arrives in puritanical London to inherit an estate left to him by his vituperative forefather, he's swept into a social whirlwind by the attractive Lord Henry" Harry" Wotton, who introduces Gray to the sybaritic pleasures of the megacity. Lord Henry's friend, society artist Basil Hallward, paints a portrayal of Gray to capture his beauty. Gray makes a smart pledge he'd give anything to stay as he's in the picture — indeed his soul.   Gray falls in love with expiring youthful actress, Sibyl Vane, and proposes marriage. Lord Henry tells Gray that having children is" the morning of the end", and after the two men visit a cathouse, Gray leaves Sibyl. agonized, the youthful woman commits self-murder by drowning. Gray learns of her death from her family, James(" Jim"), who reveals that Sybil was pregnant with Gray's child. Enraged, Jim tries to kill Gray before being carried off by the authorities. Gray's original grief soon disappears as Lord Henry persuades him that all events are bare gests and without consequence. His sybaritic life worsens, distancing him from a concerned Hallward. AULA S603 Gaming Headset   The AULA S603 Gaming Headset From AULA. AULA S603 Gaming Headset Has 7 Colour Breathing Lights, Circling Shining, Gaming Is Way More Cooler. The Colourful Light goods Breathe Gradationally, Accompanied By The Passion Of The Game. The various Lights Flow Freely, And The Atmosphere Is Inviting! The 50 mm Loudspeaker Unit Makes You Immersive In The Scene, Feeling The Shock And Reality, As If You Are On The Battleground, Fighting For Nothing The Soft All- Inclusive Earmuffs, Skin-Friendly Leather Material Combined With Large Size, Can Comfortably Fit The silhouettes Of The mortal cognizance, Making It Easier To Wear And Permeable, And Not Easy To Get Tired After Long Wear. The AULA S603 Gaming Headset Microphone Can Be Bent, The curve Of The Microphone Can Be Acclimated Freely, And The Radio Can Be Modulated At An Appropriate Angle To Open Black And Communicate Without Obstacles. High- description Sound goods, Restore The Real, Help You hear To The Sound And Argue. Restore The Real Scene Music And Be On The Scene. Lightweight Design, Suspended Head Beam, Light And effortless For A Long Time, Play The Game In A further Relaxed Way, And The Feeling Of Game Negotiation Is Stronger. Gray finds that Hallward's portrayal of him has come depraved and crooked, and realises that his off- hand pledge has come true; while the portrayal periods, its proprietor's sins manifest as physical blights on the oil. This results in Hallward's brutal murder after the artist reveals his secret. Gray dismembers and dumps Hallward's body in the River Thames, but the remains are recovered and buried. ..
AULA F606 RGB Wired Gaming Headset
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Stylish AULA F606 RGB Wired Gaming Headset In BD   AULA F606 RGB Wired Gaming Headset Comes With RGB Streamer Light Effect, Ambilight Colour, The totem On The Side And The Surroundings Are All RGB Backlights, And The Colour Lights Flow Freely. Skin-Friendly each- Inclusive Earmuffs, Comfortable And Sound sequestration, Long- Wearing Without Pressure, The All- Inclusive Design Is Excellent In SoundInsulation.Skin-Friendly each- Inclusive Earmuffs, Comfortable And Sound sequestration, Long- Wearing Without Pressure, The All- Inclusive Design Is Excellent In Sound sequestration. The Retractable Headband Is Comfortable To Wear, icing That It Can acclimatize To A Variety Of Head Sizes, Supplemented By Soft Cotton, To Extend The Comfort Experience. Featherlight And swish Body, With A Net Weight Of About 352g, And A Light Structure Without Head Pressure. The Use Of High- End lines Is Resistant To Pulling And Violence, Making The Headphones further Durable While Having Pure And Good Sound Quality. ..
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