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A4Tech Bloody B810R RGB Light Strike RGB Animation Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switch)Innovative LK Optic Switch technology uses optic switch to react at lightning speed with extreme 0.2ms key response, exclusive "long-lasting" typing sound and tactile feedback, creates more passionate for gamers. LK Optic Switch travel with distance of 3mm, which is 25% faster than traditional metal switch. (Traditional metal switch travel at distance of 4mm). LK Optic Switch reacts at lightning speed without lag. (Traditional Metal Switch delays 18~30ms thanks to metal bouncing). LK Sound Creator Technology developed for “long-lasting” typing sound, while regular switch uses metal friction to get typing sound and tends to dissolve after a several months. LK Optic switch features a lifetime of over 100 million key strokes. (Traditional metal switch tends to oxidize and wear out easily). Customize freely 3 sorts of RGB Animation modes with 16.8 million color options, making your own unique "Self-Customize" RGB. 6 sorts of lighting effects are preloaded within the keyboard by default. Adjust the lighting effects by pressing the "FN" keys with "F12" keys to rotate without driver. Press Fn + F12 to regulate the lighting effects. Press Fn +“↑ / ↓” to regulate the sunshine brightness. Store your favorite RGB Lighting Effects from FN+ 0 to 9. And you'll share your newly created RGB Animation lighting effects together with your friends or vise versa. RGB indicator backlight effects are going to be customized supported the modes and alter by pressing Fn + ← / → . Full NKRO ensures each keypress can simultaneously register no matter what percentage keys are being pressed or held down at a time including modifier keys (Shift, Control and ALT). Exclusive advanced Nano-coating over the PCB board, protect the PCB from corroding by wet air or caustic chemicals, prolonging your keyboard lifetime. Both drainage channels and holes are set in precise position, ensuring the water flows out efficiently...
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A4 Tech PK-920H 16 Mega Pixel Full HD WebcamImage sensor: 1080p full HDVideo quality: up to 2 megapixels and 30 fps recordingImage quality: 16 megapixels (4608x3456)Warranry 1 year..
Ex Tax:3,200৳
A4 Tech Pk-910H 1080p Full-HD WebcamA4 Tech Pk-910H 1080p Full-HD Webcam is buit in microphone with 1080p Full-HD Sensor Image Sensor.And the microphone has applied the noise-canceling technology.This microphone microphone has applied the noise-canceling technology.In this webcam , up to 2 megapixel in video resolution, up to 16 Megapixel,4608×3456 (software interpolated) in Still Image, 30 fps in frame rate with USB 2.0 computer interface.Windows XP, 60°View Angle, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS 10.4.8 operating systems are support during this webcam. This A4 Tech Pk-910H 1080p provides you 01 year of warranty.Buy this exclusive webcamera to handle everything from simple color jobs to complex workflows for home or office environment from Sell Tech, that come up with quality service and expert solution. Grab the simplest deal in Chattagram, Dhaka, Khulna, Rangpur & Sylhet. Order online and have a fast delivery at any location inside Bangladesh...
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