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A4Tech Company was founded by Robert Cheng in 1987 as hardware & The company focuses on the planning and manufacturing of PC Components. The company's main motivation has driven by honesty, reliability and excellent customer service throughout the planet.

Bloody for The Gamers

In 2011 they need to introduce their PC New gaming brand Bloody in the market with a combination of optical switches into gaming keyboards & mouse.  the contest of this brand considers professional gameplay of the gamers that A4Tech's manufacturing strength. The “bleeding-edge" technologies of bloody enable Light to smite optical switches for the keyboard. Furthermore, they need to develop a unifying message for the gaming culture of emerging eSports called “Bound by Gaming. Bound by Innovation”. Bloody has introduced the third generation of sunshine Strike technology at the CES in 2018.

A4 TECH KR-85 Comfort Round-edge Keyboard
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  • Model: KR-85
  • Type: USB
  • Number of Keys: 103-110
  • Adjustable Keyboard Height
  • 800৳ 900৳
    A4Tech KRS -83 Comfort Keyboard
    Hot Deals save 99 ৳

    Model: KRS-83

    Type: USB

    Number of Keys: 103-110

    Adjustable Keyboard Height

    800৳ 899৳
    A4 TECH KLS-5 USB Slim Multimedia KeyboardProduct Dimension:Keyboard:320(L)×160(W)×14.5(H)mmSystem Requirements : Windows98/ME/2000/XP(X64)/2003(X64)/MCE2005/Vista X86&X64Bangla Keyboard interface...
    A4Tech Bloody Q135 Illuminate Gaming KeyboardA4Tech Bloody Q135 Illuminate Gaming Keyboard featured with Adjustable Backlights, 1000 Hz Report Rate, Game Mode, Multimedia Hot-Keys, Anti-Slippery Keyboard Lift, Screw Enhanced Space-Bar. This Keyboard has FN + F12 ( Solid / Breathing / Off ) Brightness: FN + ↑ / ↓ Lighting Effects with Adjustable Backlights. during this Keyboard, It's 1000 Hz full report rate provides faster and timely feedback. This keyboard has Game mood option, by Press Fn+F8 will disable "Window" keys to avoid interruption during the sport session and also it's Anti-slippery silicon lift prevents keyboard from moving or vibrating during game session. It also has Screw Enhanced Space-Bar with Dual screws + dual springs + balancing bar equals to stronger durability. This Exclusive Bloody keyboards feature the unique design, high-quality precision and state-of-the-art technologies. that specialize in details, convenience and ergonomics makes it at the highest . because the centerpiece to your gaming setup, Bloody keyboard is meant to deliver total satisfying control right to your finger-tips. This Gaming keyboard comes with 01 year of warranty...
    A4Tech Bloody B820R RGB Mechanical USB LK Gaming KeyboardConnector: USBKey Style: Optic switchKey Response:0.2msAnti-Ghosting Key:100% Anti-ghosting keyGaming Keycaps:8 convex silicon keysHotkey:Multimedia HotkeyBacklit:Customize RGB AnimationBacklit Brightness: AdjustableSpace-Bar: Screw enhanced space-barMemory Backlight: 6 Free driver RGB lighting modesKey Lifetime: Up to 100 million keystrokesReport Rate: 1000 Hz/1ms01 year Warranty..
    A4tech 4200N Wireless Keyboard Mouse ComboA4tech 4200N Keyboard Mouse Combo is wireless combo. during this combo it's 2.4G Hz Frequency, 10 - 15 m Operating Range and 1000 DPI Resolution. The keyboard of this mouse has 12 Fn Hotkeys, Laser Engraving Character, Adjustable Keyboard Legs, 3 V / 2 mA Rating, 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries. The Mouse has Optical ( Infrared ) Sensor, 1000 DPI Resolution, 1.5 V / 4 mA Rating with 3 buttons. This Black Keyboard Mouse 4200N Combo comes with 01 year warranty...
    Consistent Wireless Stability: Advanced 2.4GHz powerful wireless reference to distance up to 10m. Auto-Channel stablizing Plug and leave-in nano receiver provides essentially no delays or connection conflicts.Up to 12 Months Battery Life: Go longer between battery changes with energy efficient engineering. Extreme quality offer over 12 months lifetime guaranteed.1000 DPI: Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere.7 Internet Hotkeys: Easy to access to 7 internet functions.Ultra-Slim Keycap Structure: Ultra-slim keycap structure offers responsive quiet touch system .Laser Inscribed Keys: make sure you will never loose key identity.16 in One: 16 Gestures to perform selectable hotkey commands on right button.4-Way Wheel: Smart horizontal & vertical scrolling.1 Year Warranty..
    A4 TECH 3000N V-TRACK 2.4G Wireless BANGLA KeyboardKeyboard SpecificationsHas rounded keys, which is beneficial when printingFull-sized keyboard provides comfort at workAngle of the keyboard are often adjusted with retractable legsRadius: 15 m..
    A4tech FG1010 Wireless Keyboard Mouse ComboIt’s advanced 2.4 GHz powerful wireless reference to distance up to 10-15m.It also has Adjustable 4-level Power Saving. it'll be in sleep mode in 0.2s of inactivity. Anti-slippery belt design provides with an enhanced grip to ergonomic and luxury fit. Its adjustable resolution 1000/1600/2000 DPI. Its extreme quality offer over 5 million clicks guaranteed. 8 gestures to perform selectable hotkey commands. Switch button on the rear make this wireless mouse to perfect on-the-go companion. Sleek Round Square keycaps enhances your typing area for accurate typing. One touch to access 12 multimedia & internet functions with FN+ F1 to F12. make sure you will never loose key identity. The drain holes are designed to stop the keyboard from liquid spill off. High-elasticity silicon membrane for fresh and luxury typing experience.This combo series has 01 year warranty service...
    A4TECH Bloody B500 MECHA-LIKE SWITCH Gaming KeyboardA4TECH Bloody B500 MECHA-LIKE SWITCH Gaming Keyboard featured with Multi-Key Rollover, Centered Backlight Design, 1000Hz Report Rate, Screw Enhanced, Screw Enhanced Space-Bar, Anti-Slippery Lift. during this Gaming Keyboard, Double Secured (Water-Resistant) Thie Innovative patented Mecha-Like Switch springs from LK(Light Strike) Switch’s Mechanism, it provides the clicky tactile feedback of mechanical key continue a cushty , soft cushioned rubber dome. It provides about 95% similar typing experience as typing on LK switch mechanical keyboard. This keyboard also designed with Red backlight creates a cool & comfortable visual effect, LED emits through the middle of every key emitting evenly through each key. This gaming keyboard Instantaneous execution is guaranteed with the 1000Hz ultrapolling technology, supplying you with a reaction time of ultra-fast 1ms and Electronically sealed circuits are paired with drainage paths for a stronger durability to splashes and spills. it's Game Mode features, Press Fn+F8 will disable "Window" keys to avoid interruption during the sport session and it's 1000 Hz full report rate provides faster and timely feedback, Anti-slippery lift prevents keyboard from moving or vibrating during game session. This keyboard is compatible with Windows 7/ 8 / 8.1 / 10 OS and also comes with 01 year warranty...
    A4tech KR-92 Wired Keyboard
    Out Of Stock
    The concave shape of keys for easier writing.Adjustable keyboard pitch.Reinforced space bar for longer life.Waterproof design.Weight: 564gDimensions: 450 x 150 x 28 mmUSB cable length: 150cm..
    A4tech KB8A Smart Key Black USB Keyboard
    Out Of Stock
    A4Tech KB-8A has Traditional Keycaps, Character Laser Engraving, Splash Proof: Yes, Adjustable Keyboard Legs: Yes, Rating: 5 V / 30 mA, Demension: 459 × 165 × 25 mm, Weight: 640 g, Cable Length: 150 cm, Hardware Connectivity: USB / PS2, Illuminated: No, System Requirements:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10..
    A4Tech Bloody B810R RGB Light Strike RGB Animation Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switch)
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    A4Tech Bloody B810R RGB Light Strike RGB Animation Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switch)Innovative LK Optic Switch technology uses optic switch to react at lightning speed with extreme 0.2ms key response, exclusive "long-lasting" typing sound and tactile feedback, creates more passionate for gamers. LK Optic Switch travel with distance of 3mm, which is 25% faster than traditional metal switch. (Traditional metal switch travel at distance of 4mm). LK Optic Switch reacts at lightning speed without lag. (Traditional Metal Switch delays 18~30ms thanks to metal bouncing). LK Sound Creator Technology developed for “long-lasting” typing sound, while regular switch uses metal friction to get typing sound and tends to dissolve after a several months. LK Optic switch features a lifetime of over 100 million key strokes. (Traditional metal switch tends to oxidize and wear out easily). Customize freely 3 sorts of RGB Animation modes with 16.8 million color options, making your own unique "Self-Customize" RGB. 6 sorts of lighting effects are preloaded within the keyboard by default. Adjust the lighting effects by pressing the "FN" keys with "F12" keys to rotate without driver. Press Fn + F12 to regulate the lighting effects. Press Fn +“↑ / ↓” to regulate the sunshine brightness. Store your favorite RGB Lighting Effects from FN+ 0 to 9. And you'll share your newly created RGB Animation lighting effects together with your friends or vise versa. RGB indicator backlight effects are going to be customized supported the modes and alter by pressing Fn + ← / → . Full NKRO ensures each keypress can simultaneously register no matter what percentage keys are being pressed or held down at a time including modifier keys (Shift, Control and ALT). Exclusive advanced Nano-coating over the PCB board, protect the PCB from corroding by wet air or caustic chemicals, prolonging your keyboard lifetime. Both drainage channels and holes are set in precise position, ensuring the water flows out efficiently...
    Out Of Stock
    A4TECH BLOODY B760 LIGHT STRIKE GAMING KEYBOARD - RED LEDBloody keyboards have a singular design and top quality production. All devices use advanced technology. Careful control of parts performance, convenience and ergonomics rightly raise the keyboard to the highest positions among similar devices. Keyboard Bloody is meant for complete immersion in gameplay.The fastest mechanical switch! The innovative technology of sunshine Strike uses optical switches, providing an unsurpassed reaction time of 0.2 ms! The optical switch has high durability, ultra-strength and wear resistance, which makes it attractive to gamers. 25% faster keystrokes. The triggering stroke is from a distance of three mm, which is 25% faster than that of metal switches (for ordinary metal switches, the triggering stroke starts from a distance of 4 mm) No delays! Responds to light speeds without delays (ordinary metal switches have a reaction time of 18-30 ms)Innovative technology "Long-Lasting". The technology “Long-lasting” creates a sound when printing, which can not disappear after several months of active use. Unique durability. Service life — quite 100 million keystrokes (conventional metal switches wear out and oxidize easily) Neon lights. To enable / disable the backlight, press Fn + F12. to regulate the backlight brightness, press Fn + ↑ / ↓ Reinforced space. Double screws + double springs + compensating strap designed for greater strength of the gap Aluminum panel. the highest panel is formed of aluminum alloy, which provides strength and corrosion resistanceNon-slip feet. Prevents keyboard vibration and slipping during play..
    A4tech Bloody B125 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
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    A4tech Bloody B125 Illuminated Gaming KeyboardA4tech Bloody B125 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is made with USB connectivity. during this keyboard, it's Double Secured with Water-Resistant, 1.8m length cable. This keyboard speciality is Ultimate Gaming Gear which give an advance technology paired with precision. This bloody keyboard has 1000Hz Report Rate, Anti-slippery silicon lift prevents keyboard from moving or vibrating during game session, Double Secure Spill-Resistant, Electronic sealed + water drain hole greatly prolongs the lifetime of keyboard, Extended palm rest for better comfort and fewer fatigue during the sport play, Elite Bloody Key Dominator Software, Others - Silicon Coated Keycaps: W / A / S / D, Backlit: Red, Water-Resistant: Double Secured, Space-Bar: Screw Enhanced, Connector: USB. This keyboard is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, XP supported OS. This stylish Bloody B125 Gaming Keyboard comes with 01 year warranty...
    A4Tech B180R RGB Gaming Keyboard
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    A4Tech's Bloody is the Ultimate Gaming Gear that comprising of 16.8 M Colors, 5-Zone customizable RGB & 7 lighting mode to provide precision and advantage to conquer with confidence of the gamer..
    A4 Tech KL40 Ultra Slim Multimedia USB Keyboard
    Out Of Stock
    A4 Tech KL-40 Laser Inscribed Keys.One-touch Hotkeys.Ultra-slim Keyboard.Ensure you will never loose key identity.One-touch Hotkeys Fast access to the useful functions.Ultra-slim keycap structure offers responsive quiet touch typing...
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