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Boya BY-WM8 PRO-K3 UHF Camera-Mount Wireless Handheld Microphone System
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Boya in- WM8PRO-K3 UHF Camera- Mount Wireless Handheld Microphone System  Boya in- WM8PRO-K3 UHF Microphone System comes with Camera- Mount also. It's one of the perfect choice for vloggers, mobile intelligencers, presenters, and content generators with a cost-effective and quality- sounding wireless microphone system. The featherlight in- WM8PRO-K3 comes with handheld transmitter microphone along with a two- channel receiver that is ready to plug into your DSLR/ mirrorless camera, or audio archivist. In this microphone system, receiver's two- channel capability allows you to expand your system in the future with an fresh transmitter and microphone for 2- person interviews with no fresh receiver necessary. It's Easy and flexible wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver via infrared. It's also has TV Display with automatic TV- locked function. This microphone system comes with Locking connectors avoid accidental disposition and a divisible shoemount appendage and belt clip. This microphone system provides Quality Wireless Sound- Digital companding circuitry, Wide switching RF bandwidth, PLL- synthesized tuning, Up to 48 selectable channels and Transmission range up to 300'. The rearmost Boya in- WM8PRO-K3 UHF Microphone System comes with 01 time bond. ..
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Boya BY-WM8 Pro-K1 UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System (One Transmitter and One Receiver)
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Boya in- WM8Pro-K1 UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System( One Transmitter and One Receiver)  The BOYA in- WM8 Pro is an upgraded edition of the UHF Dual- Channel Wireless Microphone System and can be used to capture audio for live sound, ENG, broadcast, and film, talk shows, conferences, and more. The in- WM8Pro-K1 system consists of a bodypack transmitter, a camera- mount receiver, and two omnidirectional lavalier microphones. Also included with this system is a shoe- mount appendage, a single1/8" to XLR affair string, a single1/8 to1/8" affair string, carrying case. The camera- mountable receiver features a wide- switching RF bandwidth, an easy- to- read TV display, and a3.5 mm headphone jack for real- time monitoring. And the bodypack transmitter is equipped with a demitasse- controlled PLL synthesizer, a muting function, a1/8" mic input, and a1/8" line- in jack. The Boya in- WM8Pro-K1 UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System has an operating range of 300 bases or 100 cadence.   The Boya in- WM8Pro-K1 UHF Microphone has 1 Time Bond. ..
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BOYA BY-WM6S UHF Wireless Microphone System
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BOYA in- WM6S UHF Wireless Microphone System  The BOYA in- WM6S is a UHF Wireless Microphone System which ideal for mobile intelligencers, filmmakers, videographers and vloggers, s, etc. This Microphone is designed with a compact and rugged casing and a divisible antenna that fluently carries to inner and out-of-door surroundings. This BOYA in- WM6S is powered by a lithium- ion battery or external USB- C DC 5V. This Microphone can be operated in a range of over to 70m( 230ft) without obstacles. This Microphone comes with UHF transmission technology with 48 channels that give you crystal clear-clear audio up to 230- bases( 70m) down on the556.71-575.98 MHz UHF frequence range without hindrance. This Microphone is compatible with smartphones, tablets, DSLRs, camcorders, PC and audio reporters, etc. The BOYA in- WM6S comes with a 01- time bond. ..
14,900৳ 16,000৳
Boya BY-WM3U Bluetooth Microphone
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Boya in- WM3U Bluetooth Microphone  Boya in- WM3U Bluetooth Microphone design with buit- in microphone on the transmitter, and also featured with Omnidirectional Polar Pattern, 20Hz- 20KHz(  ± 3dB) frequence Response, ï ¼ œ0.1 deformation, 48kHz Testing Rates, 16Bit Bit Depth, 75db or further Signal- to noise rate,-42 dB ± 3dB( 1dB = 1V/Pa@1kHz) perceptivity & 20m( without handicap) Operating Distance. The storehouse box of BOYA in- WM3U is also where to shearing and charging the transmitter and receiver. After the storehouse box is completely charged, it maximum allow 2 times full charging for the transmitter & receiver, and everytime charging maximum support the transmitter/ receiver to conitue working about4.5 hours/ 8hours, Charging Case2 hours( TX2 hours & RX2 hours). This Bluetooth Microphone has Type- C Charging Port( Charging Case 2 hours, TX2 hours & RX2 hours). This new Boya in- WM3U Bluetooth Microphone has 1 time bond. ..
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Boya BY-WHM8 Pro UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone
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Boya in- WHM8 Pro UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone  Boya in- WHM8 Pro is UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone. This Mic is worked with RX8 Pro or SP- RX8 Pro. The Boya in- WHM8 Pro featuring UHF transmission technology and the voluntary 48 frequence bands, it's suitable to work easily in a signal- crowded script. This Microphone is Powered by two AA batteries. The in- WHM8 Pro Microphone features a cardioid dynamic capsule that allows it to capture target sound directly. Meanwhile, you can elect the group channel A or B through the easy- to- read TV display. The new Boya in- WHM8 Pro offers a 01- time bond. ..
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Boya BY-UM4 3.5mm Mini Flexible Microphone Black
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Boya In-UM43.5 mm Mini Flexible Microphone Black  The Boya In-UM43.5 mm Mini Flexible Microphone Black is a goose neck microphone that's flexible and can be rotated to any direction. The Microphone is veritably good for VoIP Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, ICQ and further. It's especially designed for PC use like desktop and laptops, but it also works well with Smartphones. The device is an easy draw- heft and works incontinently. It comes with a 01- time bond. ..
700৳ 760৳
BOYA BY-PVM3000M Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone
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BOYA in- PVM3000M Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone  The BOYA in- PVM3000M Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone is one kind of professional shotgun microphone. You can use this Microphone for colorful purposes similar as film- timber, broadcasting, media product, sports commentary, etc. The BOYA in- PVM3000M Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone offers a medium volume of sound recordings, perfect for a road interview, talk shows, stage live recordings, s, etc. This Microphone is powered by 24- 48V phantom power or a1.5 V AA battery. The BOYA in- PVM3000M Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone features a 3 leg XLR draw, integrated preamplifier, Low tone- noise circuitry. This Microphone comes with asuper-cardioid polar pattern that provides you with an unwanted noise-free background. This Microphone is compatible with any DSLRs with a3.5 mm microphone socket. The BOYA in- PVM3000M comes with a 1- time bond. ..
12,900৳ 14,190৳
Boya BY-PM700 USB Condenser Triple-Capsule Microphone
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Boya in- PM700 USB Condenser Triple- Capsule Microphone  Boya in- PM700 USB Microphone erected- in with a 1/ 8†³ headphone jack that allows you to cover the recording without any quiescence. It's also integrated with a participated control clump for headphone monitoring and recording volume, offering druggies veritably easy access to figure out the correct settings. This Microphone featured with Cardioid and Omnidirectional Polar pattern, 20- 20000Hz frequence Response,-36 dB( 0dB = 1V/ Pa, kHz 1Pa) perceptivity, 5V/ 60mA Power Consumption, 80dB Signal to Noise rate, 110dB SPL, 0- 42dB Microphone's Gain Control, 48kHz Sample Rate, 24Bit Depth, Type- C Audio Affair. Then also Includes 3m to USB string and 2m Type- C string, durable desktop stage. The Boya in- PM700 USB Microphone has a 01- time bond. ..
7,800৳ 8,600৳
BOYA BY-PM500W Dual-Function Wired/Wireless USB Microphone
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BOYA in- PM500W Binary- Function Wired/ Wireless USB Microphone  BOYA in- PM500W is a Binary- Function Wired/ Wireless USB Microphone from Boya. This is a Wired/ Wireless Binary- Function Microphone. The BOYA in- PM500W is a revolutionary wireless USB microphone in the assiduity, offering wired or wireless operation for gamers, pennants, and podcasters in colorful operations. Features with the2.4 GHz wireless technology, in- PM500W provides up to 10m wireless operation distance and delivers plant- quality audio at the same time. It's much more accessible in long- distance operation scripts and operation scripts that bear a tidy desktop. The transmitter of the in- M500W features selectable Cardioid an Omnidirectional polar pattern for different operations. The3.5 mm headphone jack allows druggies to cover and insure the recording content in real- time. The each- by- one control clump on the transmitter allows druggies to control the volume, gain, and mute snappily during use. The receiver of the in- PM500W is designed with the M/ S function, druggies can pair two transmitters with one receiver contemporaneously. It's voluntary to record each audio signal independently or combine them for ultimate inflexibility inpost-production. The in- PM500W includes a USB- A appendage and USB- C affair lines, allowing easy draw- and- play functionality with all types of Computers with USB or USB- C, Android Smartphones, and Tablets, as well as iPad Pro and iPad Air with USB-C. druggies can also snappily acclimatize it to iPhones and iPads with USB- C to the Apple Lightning string. BOYA in- PM500W Binary- Function Wired/ Wireless USB Microphone offers 1 time of bond. ..
13,000৳ 14,300৳
Boya BY-PM300 USB Microphone
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Boya in- PM300 USB Microphone  This Boya in- PM300 Microphone featured with High- quality desktop USB microphone. It's ideal for home- plant recording, podcasting, oral performance, etc. It's Compatible with utmost Android phones, Windows/ Mac computers. This Mic has Gain control, headphone volume control, Maximum SPL 110dB, Mic Gain 38dB, Sample Rate 48kHz, Bit Depth 16bit/ 24bit and mute function,3.5 mm headphone jack for real- time monitoring. This microphone also featured with Excellect cardioid polar pattern, Durable divisible microphone desktop stage. The rearmost Boya in- PM300 Microphone has 01 time bond. ..
4,500৳ 4,960৳
BOYA BY-PB25 Carbon Fiber Boom Pole with Internal XLR Cable
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BOYA in- PB25 Carbon Fiber Boom Pole with Internal XLR Cable  The BOYA in- BP25 Carbon Fiber Boompole has three compacting corridor that can extend your shotgun microphone from 1m(3.3') to2.5 m(8.2'). smash drivers can use it to attach a microphone or other accessories for purposes similar as broadcast television, flicks, Electronic News Gathering( ENG), fieldwork, and more. To give comity with a wide range of mounts, the smash pole contains a1/4" thread, a3/8" appendage, and a5/8" appendage. Its corroborated carbon fiber construction is incredibly durable while being featherlight and affable to use indeed in harsh temperatures. During long sessions, the featherlight design decreases handling strain. This pole has an internal curled line as well as an XLR connector at the base. Three Carbon Fiber pieces telescope from 1m(3.3') to2.5 m(8.2'). It'll fit neatly into any ordinary outfit box. For farther security, the interned- collet connection medium secures each part in place. The BOYA in- PB25 Carbon Fiber Boom Pole comes with a 01- time bond. ..
9,400৳ 10,340৳
Boya BY-MM1+ Super-cardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone
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Boya in- MM1Super-cardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone  Boya in- MM1 is one kind ofSuper-cardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone. This Boya Microphone offers sharper directionality, extended frequence response, advanced perceptivity, and bettered signal- to- noise performance for enhanced audio quality. The Microphone is ideal for Vloggers, mobile intelligencers, and run- and- gun videographers. This Microphone requires no batteries and no settings to configure. This in- MM1 also features sharper directionality(super-cardioid vs cardioid), wider frequence response( 20 Hz to 18 kHz vs 35 Hz to 18 kHz), advanced perceptivity(- 36 dB vs-42 dB), and bettered signal- to- noise performance( 78 dB vs 76 dB).   Compatible with Multiple bias In this in- MM1 Microphone, then includes two3.5 mm audio lines one TRRS and one TRRS to TRS for proper association to your DSLR, mirrorless camera, camcorder, smartphone, tablet, or movable audio archivist, and also this microphone features a devoted3.5 mm headphone harborage, enabling easy monitoring of the audio signal while the main affair remains connected to your recording device. The in- MM1 is asuper-cardioid draw- and- play microphone that's ideal for Vlogging, videotape Apps, Audio Recording Apps, Livestreaming, YouTube, Social Media vids and much further.   High- quality Sound & painlessly movable  The in- MM1 Microphone features a compact and rugged aluminum body, but it still has an inconceivable featherlight( 60g). It's the perfect way to record great sound anywhere, you can bring it far and wide because it's so compact and featherlight. You can fluently carry this microphone videotape Apps or Audio Recording Apps, Livestreaming, recording a live performance, or online chatting. All you have to do is pull it out of your fund and plug it in, and you†™ ll have a dynamic, broadcast- quality sound that brings your content to the coming position.  Smart Design & Easy to Get Started  The in- MM1 Microphone comes with a3.5 mm headphone affair, it's relatively accessible for druggies to cover the sound recording process. The divisible shock mount in the tackle provides a dependable and solid construction, effectively barring noise from climate and camera running. The in- MM1 Microphone is easy to use, just plug it in and start the videotape, audio, or streaming app of your choice and start recording. In these microphones, Then Included with the mic are two divisible3.5 mm lines. The TRRS string is designed for proper connection to a smartphone or tablet, while the other is a TRRS to TRS string used for association to your camera, DSLR or movable audio archivist. The rearmost Boya in- MM1 Shotgun Microphone comes with 01- time bond. ..
2,040৳ 2,240৳
Boya BY-MM1 Compact On Camera Video Microphone
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Boya in- MM1 Compact On Camera Video Microphone  The BOYA in- MM1 is a cardioid microphone, which especially design to ameliorate the sound quality of vids on the base of figure- in microphones. With both TRS string and TRRS affair string included, it can be used on Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, audio reporters, PCs, and other audio/ videotape recording bias. in- MM1 comes out in compact size and light- weight aluminum design, it'll not be a heavy burden while firing. Plug and play design, no need to worry the battery status. The includedanti-shock mount effectively reduces unwanted vibration, string and running noise. It has a a 01- time bond. ..
1,550৳ 1,760৳
BOYA BY-MC2 USB Conference Microphone
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BOYA in- MC2 USB Conference Microphone  BOYA in- MC2 Conference Microphone comes with a 2m(6.6 ft) USB string and headphone/ speaker affair jack. This microphone delivers outstanding sound, with the cardioid polar pattern. To use this microphone just Plug and play, no need for any battery for it. This BOYA in- MC2 has an LED index & durable aluminum amalgamation die- cast case.   Picks Up Sounds Up To 2 measures Down The in- MC2 Cardioid Conference Microphone is one kind of conference microphone, that's especially designed for Windows and Mac computers. This Boya in- MC2 featuring with a 35Hz to 18KHz frequence response. This microphone can capture and deliver outstanding sound to your computer via a 2m(6.6 ft) shielded USB string. In this microphone, with three unique capsules and cardioid polar patterns, and also it can pick up sounds in a range of over to 2 measures area.   Easy- to- use without Installing Any motorists  in- MC2 contains the electronics that allow draw and play operation, without demanding of any external power modules and motorists. This microphone has Plug in3.5 mm headphone/ speaker monitoring jack in the reverse, that allows covering the sound in real- time. This BOYA in- MC2 is a perfect choice for videotape- conference in meeting apartments, forums , or other occasions.  The new BOYA in- MC2 USB Conference Microphone offers 01- time bond. ..
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Boya BY-M2 Clip-on Lavalier Microphone For iOS
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Boya in- M2 Clip- on Lavalier Microphone For iOS  Boya in- M2 lavalier omnidirectional clip- on microphone ideal for Iphone, ipad etc. This Microphone has Intelligent noise reduction. It comes with a divisible design for multiple uses and Apple MFi pukka Lightning connector. The BOYA in- M2 Lavalier Microphone helps record a clear and high- quality sound directly to all kind iOS bias through Lightning harborage, similar as iphone, ipad( iOS bias) etc. The product consists of 2 corridor, a manly3.5 mm TRS to lightning appendage string and a lavalier mic with3.5 mm womanish connector. BOYA in- M2 can give better sound quality. In this microphone, a carrying poke , a froth windscreen, a lapel clip, and a Lightning appendage string are included. When you have need for it, the string detaches from the microphone. It's an ideal choice for recording interviews, vlogs, donations and further, with Intelligent Noise Reduction. The Boya microp( hopne comes with No battery design, BOYA in- M2 is easy to record. Just Plug and Play, your remarkable sound will be saved. The rearmost Boya in- M2 Microphone has 01 time bond. ..
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BOYA BY-M1LV-U 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone for Android
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BOYA in- M1LV- U2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone for Android  The BOYA in- M1LV- U Wireless Microphone operates at2.4 GHz. The BOYA in- M1LV wireless microphone is designed for mobile bias and is exceptionally featherlight,ultra-compact, and simple to use. It offers detailed, outstanding sound. There are two distinct receivers in this series. The in- M1LV- D receiver is designed for Apple iOS bias and has an MFi Certified Lightning affair. The USB- C affair of the in- M1LV- U receiver makes it compatible with Android smartphones, tablets, and other bias that have USB- C connectors. The clip- on transmitter in- M1LV- TX catches demitasse clear sound from all directions thanks to its erected- in omnidirectional mic. druggies may alter pronunciation at any point while recording and acclimate tone, pace, and accentuation in real- time, thanks to the groundbreaking two- way audio technology with observance return monitoring. You have total control over your sound with gain control, headphone volume control, and a mute option. A full charge may give 6 hours of battery life, allowing you to produce content without fussing about running out of power. The BOYA in- M1LV system is an excellent choice for live streaming, multimedia product, mobile journalism, and other operations. It comes with a 01- time bond. ..
7,940৳ 8,800৳
BOYA BY-M1LV-D 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone for IOS
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BOYA in- M1LV- D2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone for IOS  The BOYA in- M1LV- D2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone for IOS Designed for mobile bias, the BOYA in- M1LV is an incredibly featherlight,ultra-compact, easy- to- use wireless microphone that delivers detailed, exceptional sound. In this series, there are two different receivers. With an MFi Certified Lightning affair, the in- M1LV- D receiver is designed for Apple iOS bias. The in- M1LV- U receiver has a USB- C affair, making it compatible with Android smartphones, tablets, and other bias with USB- C anchorages. With its erected- in omnidirectional mic, the clip- on transmitter in- M1LV- TX captures demitasse clear sound from all directions. exercising the advance two- way audio technology with observance return monitoring, druggies can acclimate pronunciation at any time during recording and acclimate tone, speed, and accentuation in real- time. With gain control, headphone volume control, and mute function, you're fully in control of your sound. A full- power charge can give 6 hours of battery life, so you can produce content without fussing about power. The BOYA in- M1LV system is a great result for live streaming, content creation, mobile journalism, and more. ..
8,600৳ 9,600৳
Boya BY-M1DM Dual Omni Directional Lavalier Microphone
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Boya in- M1DM Dual Omni Directional Lavalier Microphone  The BOYA in- M1DM is a Binary Lavalier Universal Microphone, with a single1/8" stereo connector, it can be used with smartphones, DSLR camears, camcorders, audio reporters, PC and other recording bias. It consists of two of the well- entered omnidirectional lavalier microphones and 4m( 13') length string, it’s prefect for interviews, donations, podcasts, webcasts, or any situation where further than one subject needs to be recorded. Its 4m( 13 ’) string provides2.8 m(9.2 ’) of distance between each microphone for comfortable placement, while the included tie clips allow for hands-free use. It comes with a 01- time bond. ..
1,440৳ 1,640৳
Boya BY-M1 Pro 3.5mm Lavalier Microphone
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Boya in- M1 Pro3.5 mm Lavalier Microphone  Boya in- M1 Pro comes with Clip- on Mic for Smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio, reporters, PC etc. It's featured with a High- quality condenser, ideal for videotape use, Low running noise. Then Includes lapel clip, LR44 battery, froth windscreen,/ 4†appendage. This Microphone is also featured with Play back headphone monitoring in smartphone mode and-10 dB sound attenuation,3.5 mm( 1/ 8â€) 4- pole gold draw Connector, 0/- 10dB Pad Switch, Omni- directional Polar Pattern, 65 Hz  18 KHz frequence range, 78 dB SPL Signal/ Noise. Then, the19.7' string offers a generous amout of room for on- camera movement and thus the package includes a froth windscreen, lapel clip,1/4" appendage, and carrying case. This rearmost Boya in- M1 Pro3.5 mm Lavalier Microphone has 1 time bond. ..
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Boya BY-M1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone (Original)
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Boya in- M1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone( Original)   Clip- On Mic for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders, Audio reporters, PCetc.  Superb sound for donations and videotape recording. Omni- directional condenser microphone.  High- quality condenser is ideal for videotape use.  Low running noise.  Switch on the microphone. Slide the ON/ OFF up to ON Includes lapel clip, froth windscreen,3.5 mm to6.3 mm appendage.  It has a 01- time bond. ..
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