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External Optical Disk Drive

Orico XD007- BK- BP External CD motorist  Orico XD007- BK- BP External CD motorist is DVD- RW( USB3.0) CD Type. It's made with ABS Plastic Material. This CD motorist is featured with CD- ROM Read24X/ DVD- ROM Read8X Speed and CD- R24X, CD- RW16X, DVD- R8X, DVD- RW16X Burn Speed. This Orico External CD motorist has a 2 MB Capacity. It Supports Ultra DMA 5 PIO Transfer Mode 4, Buffer underrun free. This CD Drive also has 5 DVD Partition. This Orico External CD motorist comes with Ray WavelengthCDï ¼ š783mmï ¼ ˆtypical, Ray PowerRead CD1.2 mW DVD1.6 mW objective lens, Input Current5V Reading Writing1.1/1.5 A, 157 * 147 * 26 mm Size with 380g( Net weightï ¼ ‰ Attach with 50 cm USBA-Mirco string weight. This new Orico External CD motorist( XD007- BK- BP) comes with 01- time bond. ..
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