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Microlab TMN1, Type-21, Channel-2, RMS/ Channel (Watt)-9, RMS/ Subwoofer (Watt)-14, Gesture to Noise Rate (dB)-70dB, Frequence (Hz-KHz)-35Hz-20KHz.   This Microlab TMN1 Speaker comes with 01 time of bond. ..
Microlab Solo9C2.0 High Fidelity Floor Stereo Speaker  Amplifier specs  Affair power 140, Watt RMS  Power distribution 70x2, Watt  Harmonious deformation0.3,( 1Watt, 1kHz)  Frequence response 50-20 000, Hz  Signal/ Noise rate 80, dB  Separation 60, dB  Speakers specs  Tweeter motorist type,  Bass motorist type,  Material MDF Interfaces  Affair outstations, HDMI  Input 2RCA  Auxilliary HDMI, Toslink, Coaxial  Confines  Satellites 214x575x323, mm  Product Net weight, kg  This Microlab Solo9C Speaker comes with 01 time of bond. ..
Great sound result for utmost of your requirements, this2.1 speaker system brings full audio range to your playback media. Featuring woofer press and compact satellites for clearer highs. Ideal for multimedia entertainment use in study room, bedroom or kitchen.   Erected with quality motorists for enhancing your pictures and music entertainment with better sound and goods. Unique side controls for easy adaptations  Quality2.1 speaker system with amplifier for producing sound goods in your own room or favourite settee  10 Watt of pure aural power with 4 ″ woofer and 2 x2.5 ″ satellites.  Full audio diapason performances, ideal for your favourite entertainment on Mp3, Mp4, CD/ DVD pictures and digital playbacks  Especially designed woofer press for bass and resolution Comes with3.5 mm stereo connection  Magnetically shielded satellites for safe positioning near Television or TV observers with hindrance free use  Affair power 10 Watt RMS  Power distribution2.5 Watt x 2 5 Watt  Harmonious deformation<0.3 1 W 1 kHz  Frequence response 40 Hz – 18 kHz  Signal/ Noise rate> 70 dB  Separation> 45 dB Tweeter motorist type2.5 ″ x 2  Tweeter rated power 3 Watt 4 ohm  Bass motorist type 4 ″  Bass rated power 5 Watt 8 ohm  Frequence range 40 Hz – 18 kHz  Affair 2RCA sockets  Input3.5 mm stereo jack  This Microlab M100 Speaker comes with 01 time of bond. ..
Elegant and powerful 2.1 subwoofer system with depth and full range audio performancesDeep bass subwoofer and crystal clear satellites in carefully designed cabinetsFront panel with individual bass, treble and master volume controlsComes with bass reflex tunnel for efficient subwoofer performancesMade with quality sound handling materials for superb sound handling characteristicsThis Microlab M-590 Speaker comes with 01 year of warranty...
Microlab M-106BT2.1 Bluetooth Speaker  Microlab M-106BT2.1 Speaker features Bluetooth technology. It's a important2.1 speaker with a full range radio diapason. You can freely stream your music with any Bluetooth enabled bias. It's equipped with an amplifier for large affair power, which contributes to important aural performance. It has a total affair power of 10 Watt (RMS). Bass kickback lair brings stunning bass sound goods and enhances oral depth. You could freely enjoy blockbuster pictures and music without clumsy lines at home. It's ideal for your home entertainment with a wireless connection. It has a 1- time bond. ..
Microlab M-223 (2.1) Subwoofer Speaker  Microlab M-223 Important2.1 subwoofer system with depth and full range audio performances  Deep bass subwoofer and demitasse clear satellites in precisely designed closets  Front panel with individual bass, treble and master volume controls  Designed with beautiful homestretches  Made with quality sound handling accoutrements for superb sound handling characteristics2.1 channel Speaker  Amplifier  Affair power 17 Watt RMS  Power distribution 4 Watt x 2 9 Watt  Harmonic deformation<0.3 1 W 1 kHz  Frequence response 35 Hz-20 kHz  Signal/ Noise rate> 75 dB  Separation> 40 dB  Speakers  Tweeter motorist2.5" Tweeter power 5 Watt x 2 Bass motorist 4" Bass power 15 Watt   Interfaces  Affair 2RCA  Input 2RCA   Power  Power Force AC 220 V-240 V 50 Hz 100 mama, or 120 V 60 Hz 200 mama   Package Contents  M-223 subwoofer 1pc M-223 satellites 2pcs  2RCA-2RCA string 1pc  Stoner homemade 1pc  Confines Subwoofer dimension 155 x 228 x 285 mm  Satellites dimension 89 x 152 x 97 mm  Product net weight3.6 kg  Product giftbox 320 x 204 x 353 mm (W x D x H) Giftbox gross weight 4 kg  Import tinderbox dimension 426 x 338 x 724 mm (W x D x H)  Import tinderbox gross weight17.2 kg  This Microlab M-223 Speaker comes with 01 time of bond. ..
Microlab TMN14.1 multimedia Speaker  Important4.1 subwoofer speaker system for pictures and music entertainment  Designed for deep bass and dynamic full range performances, precisely constructed rustic closets  Satellites with perfect clarity and judgments Microlab ultraexpensive speaker motorists for professional clear aural with near perfect audio product  Side control panel for easy access with individual bass and master volume controls ..
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