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Trusted computer, laptop & gaming pc retail store, and e-commerce in Bangladesh. Sell tech is one of the trusted computer & computer parts retail and wholesale shops in Bangladesh. Sell tech was started to provide their service in 2021 with the concept [ best price, best service & authentic product] as its motto and gained the trust of millions of users nationwide. Sell tech comes up with various collections of tech products considering Every customer's choice. Sell tech is also considered as the most popular tech shop for buying computers, laptops and related products just by tapping

Why Sell Tech?

Sell tech believes in quality, after-sales service & unbeatable price in the market. Sell tech has many partnership affiliations with word-renowned tech brands like dell, hp, LG, Asus, Samsung, MSI, Corsair, Antec, ASRock and etc. We ensure the quality and authenticity of products and services provided to the customers.

Get your desirable desktop computer

You will be able to find a wide range of desktop pc with various configurations and form factors. Sell tech has a lot of desktop pcs available to choose from, starting with budget pc under 10k, 10-20k, 20-30k, intel gaming pc, AMD gaming pc, brand pc, graphics pc, and portable mini pcs. All of these configure you get with the latest generation component. We take your requirements and deliver you the simplest personal computer at the foremost exclusive price.

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Sell tech is one of the trusted computer, laptop, and computing components retailers of Bangladesh. Visit a sell tech shop or the official e-commerce website to buy led tv at the lowest price. Or delivery has all districts covered.