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SANTAK Robust R650 650VA Offline UPS
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SANTAK Robust R650 650VA Offline UPS  The SANTAK Robust R650 is a 650VA Offline UPS. It offers you dependable power protection against 5 of the most common power problems( power failure, power sags, power surges, under and over voltage) that hang your outfit and data. This offline UPS is equipped with two- step Boost and one- step Buck AVR to stabilize the affair voltage. Voltage oscillations are automatically corrected using the AVR. The SANTAK Robust R650 provides you with satisfying dependable performance and maximizes the inflexibility for your system integration. This UPS comes with a wide input voltage range between 140  300V which complies with the creator It has a erected- in DC start function that enables UPS to be started up without AC power supplied. It supports bus charging indeed though the UPS is out. It can also bus renew while mains recovery. It can deliver full protection againstover-discharge, overcharge, and load. The SANTAK Robust 650va UPS will give 15- 20 mins provisory time if the electricity shuts down. It features 1x 12V/ 7Ah Sealed lead- acid, conservation-free battery and it takes 2- 4hours to recharge 90 capacity. The SANTAK Robust R650 comes with 2 times bond. ..
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